Best Locations

When it comes to the value of real estate, the saying goes that there are three important issues to consider: location, location and location. When it comes to purchasing a week at a timeshare resort, this old adage remains the same. Location is everything (in this case, the location of the physical building and the location on the calendar of your week’s time slot)

Unfortunately, those who end up buying weekly units quickly realize that only the resorts which have units located in the best locations (and the peak red-week time slots) can easily be traded with other resorts around the world. If they happen to be located in anyplace other than a prime location, or in any other time period other than a red-week, it will find it difficult, if not impossible, to trade for another destination.

This fact often leaves owners in a terrible predicament. They assumed because of what they were told during the sales pitch that they would easily be able to trade their unit for another location in some far off exotic place with ease and at anytime they desired. Those who purchase in less desirable locations or in non-peak weeks quickly discover that in order to use their week, they are forced to vacation at the same place (where they actually purchased their unit) year after year.

This would lead people to understand that if they want to have the freedom to use all the resorts affiliated with the program they purchased into, they need to buy at highly desirable resort during a popular season. The major problem with plan is that the cost of such a unit is significantly higher than at other locations or during different seasons. Due to the high costs associated with those units, those looking at timeshares often opt for a less expensive weekly unit which places them into a terrible trap. That is, they will own a place that is difficult to trade, and as a direct result, difficult to sell even when they no longer want the unit.

Those who purchase a timeshare in an obscure or less desirable vacation destination thinking they will be able to trade for a prime location will be sorely disappointed. They will find that it’s nearly impossible to do so. The best piece of advice is that if you can’t afford the very best location with a peak time slot, then you can’t afford to purchase at that resort. Although the salesperson will tell you that trading is easy not matter what type of week you purchase, this simply isn’t true. If you buy a lower priced unit, you will find that nobody will be interested in the trades you hoped to make.

Prime locations are places where there is high demand for people to vacation and include Florida (Orlando and beaches), Hawaii and California. Popular ski resorts for winter that are right next to the ski slope can also sometimes be a prime location. Basically, if it is located in a place where people desire to take vacations and where everyone want to be during a time of the year when most families are free to travel, then the resort will offer a much greater chance at successful trading.