You are likely visiting this site because the timeshare you own has you trapped. You thought you were getting a wonderful vacation spot and investment that you could easily trade with any other spot in the world and would save tons of money in the process. Now reality has set in and you’re stuck with monthly maintenance fees, you can’t trade like you thought you could and going to the same place every single year has become boring. You want out but have found that getting out is a lot easier said than done. Welcome to the timeshare trap.

The fact is that getting rid of a timeshare is a time consuming task that can be extremely difficult. If you’ve been carrying the illusion that you will be able to make a bit of money or even get your money back on your current timeshare, it’s time to take a few steps back and take a closer look at reality. You’re going to lose money and probably a lot. While the seller may have convinced you that a timeshare was an investment, it is an investment that loses half or more of its value the minute you sign on the dotted line.

While coming to the realization that you made a poor financial move and will lose money on the “investment” isn’t an enjoyable process, once you do you can take the steps you need to rid yourself of the timeshare. Many people that can’t face the fact that they’ll lose money hold onto the timeshare resort unit hoping that somehow things will change, meanwhile paying the monthly maintenance fees, special assessment fees and losing even more money.

Since there isn’t really a reliable second hand seller’s market for timeshares, you have limited choices on how to dispose of your timeshare. While limited, there are probably more choices than you thought there were. You can try to give it back to the timeshare resort, sell it through a reseller, give it away, sell it through local ads, sell it through an online auction like eBay or donate it to charity for the tax right off.

For those who have stumbled upon the site wondering if timeshares are worth the money, for the vast majority the answer is a resounding “no!” In fact, the best timeshare deal is not to purchase a timeshare resort unit, but to rent one from someone who can’t use theirs. Hopefully the information here will help you avoid falling into your own timeshare trap.