Escaping the Timeshare Trap

Chances are that you’re reading this article because you have a timeshare that you no longer want or need, but no matter how hard you’ve tried, you haven’t been able to get rid of it. You aren’t alone. More and more people are finding out that the resort unit which they purchased and thought would be easy to sell is something that nobody seems to want. You’re stuck in what has become known as the “timeshare trap”.

This trap exists for a number of reasons. The main reason is that there are far more people trying to sell their units than there are buyers interested in them. The basic economics of this situation significantly depresses the prices of these properties, but it does not explain why it is so difficult to get rid of a yours even when the owner is willing to give away theirs for free.

The reason that the trap exists is because in addition to the wide disparity of those selling and those wanting to buy, these properties come with significant yearly fees beyond the initial price of the unit. It’s these fees that often trap people and make them unwanted by others. Because of these two forces (as well as a number of lesser ones) it can become extremely difficult for owners to get rid of a timeshare they do not want.

The following pages contain a series of articles which will give you an honest appraisal of what you’re up against — and unfortunately, what you’re up against isn’t pretty. If you were hoping to find a quick and easy solution to your current problem, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. There’s no magic bullet or easy way out. That being said, there are a number of options. While these options will not be easy, they’ll let you know exactly what actions you can take in order to get rid of that resort unit that you no longer want or need.

Before listing all the options that you have, it’s important to understand why it’s so difficult to sell your place in the first place.