Charities Accepting Timeshares

Donating to a charity has become extremely difficult over the last couple of years due to the soft timeshare resale market. While there used to be quite a few charities that were seeking these donations, most of these charities have stopped their programs due to the difficulty of getting rid of the resort units that were being donated. We know of at least 10 charities which have discontinued their donation programs because of this.

The simple fact is that any charities that are willing to accept these donations don’t want to lose money. Therefore, they will perform a market analysis to determine an estimated value of the property. If the market analysis concludes the property can be sold quickly for a profit, the donated unit will usually be accepted. If the market analysis shows that the property can’t be sold for a profit, or it will likely take a long time to sell, it will usually be rejected. You will have to contact the charities directly to see if they are willing to accept your donation. It’s important to know that you need to have your loan paid off in full before a charity will even consider accepting it.

It’s also important to note that more and more charities that accept donations will ask for a large upfront fee, often in excess of $1000, to accept the timeshare as a donation if they believe it will be difficult to sell. We never recommend paying to get rid of your resort unit and highly recommend that you try other options to get rid of it. If you do decide to go this route, it’s important to only make payment after the property has been taken out of your name — never before.

Here is a list of charitable organizations that currently are accepting timeshare donations:

Helping Hands of America
Phone: 888-881-9090
Email: [email protected]
Helping Hands of America Donations

Donate For A Cause
705 Osterman Drive, Suite B
Bozeman, Montana 59715
Toll-Free: 877-8-A-CAUSE (877-822-2873)
Email: [email protected]
Donate For A Cause

This is an umbrella site that accepts resort unit donations for a number of charitable sites. You can choose to donate yours to any of the following sites in their program. If they determine that your property has value, they will accept it for free. If they determine that it doesn’t have any value, they will ask for you to make a large payment (over $1000) for them to take it (we do not recommend paying someone else to take yours away — if you ever decide that you are willing to pay someone to take your resort property away, never pay upfront and always insist that any money be placed in an escrow account and that it only be released upon the transfer of the property out of your name. If they aren’t willing to do this, walk away.)

The American Kidney Fund: It is our nation’s leading voluntary health organization serving people with and at risk for kidney disease through direct financial assistance, comprehensive education, clinical research and community service programs. Ninety-five cents of every dollar we spend goes directly to programs and services for kidney patients. In 2004, the Fund served more than 55,000 low-income kidney patients, distributing more than 100,000 grants totaling $57 million. The Fund has been named a Gold Star Charity by Forbes Magazine and one of America’s Best Charities by Reader’s Digest.

Big Sky Youth Empowerment Movement: Big Sky Youth Empowerment Project ( exists to provide at-risk kids in southwest Montana the chance to change their lives through snow sports, fly fishing and horseback riding. Through group recreation kids learn the tools necessary to lead successful lives. Every participant is outfitted through 100% scholarship funding.

The Florida Veterans Assistance Association: It is the fastest growing Veterans Service Organization in the United States with six major markets. Opened in Florida in June of 1996, we are now able to serve all Florida Veterans Hospitals. We’re marching forward serving Veterans and their needs. By 2006, we expect to open offices and serve Veterans in ten more states.

International Hearing Dog: IHDI’s mission is to train and place hearing dogs with persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, with and without multiple disabilities, at no charge to the recipient. IHDI is a non-profit organization fully funded by donations.

Logan’s Hearts and Smiles: It provides accessibility remodeling to residential housing for the handicapped.

The National Foundation for Cancer Research NFCR was founded in 1973 to support cancer research in the laboratory. NFCR research conducted at both the cellular and molecular levels is leading to better prevention, earlier diagnosis, new treatments and eventually a cure of cancer. By supporting the best ideas of the best minds and by facilitating collaboration among NFCR Scientists, advances in one field contribute to discoveries in another. This is what NFCR’s “Laboratory Without Walls” makes possible.

The Network Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse It began serving clients in 1979. Over the past twenty – three years we have maintained our commitment to assisting victims of sexual and domestic abuse through intervention and prevention programs.

The Thomas Moore School It is a private non-profit school that serves children in the Paradise Valley here in Montana. This is a very rural area, so it is far away from bigger cities with public school and even further on cold snowy days. Many children who live in this area would have to travel hours to get to a public school. This school is very small, about 25 children grades K-12, and because they are not funded by government money, they are often lacking many of the tools necessary for the education of these children.

The Real Gift Foundation: It is dedicated to providing the necessary aid and assistance to, and for, children of homeless families so that they may better handle the challenges their lives bring and to give them the ability to face the future with hope, anticipation and optimism.

Great Beginnings Montessori School: It provides an exemplary and philanthropic Montessori Community for students, teachers, and parents. This mission is realized through several facets including providing student scholarships that make this unique and highly successful education available to the widest possible range of students. We also provide teacher training scholarships, internships for teachers working towards their Montessori certification and share our beautiful facility for teacher training courses and workshops for parents and the community that are free and open to the public. Our students also participate in community service projects each year for the local food bank, humane society and other disaster relief efforts.

The Children’s Home: Since 1864, The Children’s Home, in Burlington County, provides special education, residential treatment and emergency shelter to emotionally disadvantaged, at-risk girls and boys throughout New Jersey. TCH operates residential treatment cottages in Mount Holly and Lumberton NJ. TCH operates Mercer House Shelter, Ewing Township. Call: 1-877-TLC-KIDS or visit their website at for more information.

THRIVE: Since 1986, THRIVE has been providing proactive programs that promote healthy families, successful kids and a strong community. THRIVE programs: CAP, The Parent Place, Parent Liaisons and the Partnership Project to Strengthen Families work in collaboration with schools and other community agencies to educate parents, mentor children and support families.